Fusion Office Furniture Manufacturer’s Warranty

Subject to any express or implied statutory requirements, Fusion Office Furniture gives the following back to base warranty.

 All items carry a warranty of at least 12 months and must be returned to the store for claim. The length of term of the warranty should be used as an indication as to the commercial quality of the product. Warranty term commences from the purchase date. No warranty period applies to Fusion Office Furniture clearance items.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

This warranty is non-transferable and extends only to the original purchaser of Fusion Office Furniture products (the Customer).

  • This warranty is offered on a Single Shift basis in commercial applications. ‘Single Shift’ means use of the product for up to 40 hours per week as a part of a single shift in the Customer’s business. Examples of Non-commercial applications are aged care, hospitality and education facilities.
  • This warranty is offered on the basis that the warranted product is used only for the purpose for which it was designed and intended.
  • This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. Normal wear and tear, natural variations in veneers, timber, fabric and leather are not considered defects.
  • This warranty does not apply to:
    • any abnormal wear and tear;
    • damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse, improper operation or improper assembly carried out by others without Fusion Office Furnitures supervision; or
    • electrical and electronic components of any Products supplied. These are excluded from the operation of this Warranty;
    • house fabrics or other textile components incorporated into Fusion Office Furniture products;
    • finishes including laminates, fabrics, veneers and other finishes supplied to Fusion Office Furniture by other manufacturers or suppliers. These may be warranted by the original manufacturer and where the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty permit, that warranty will be assigned to the original purchaser by Fusion Office Furniture.
    • Castors fitted to chairs or mobile furniture items are classed as a moving wearing part so they are covered for 5 months from the purchase date only.
  • During the warranty period, all disassembly, reconfiguration, assembly or any other work or repair to Fusion Office Furniture products must be carried out by an authorised Fusion Office Furniture representative or under Fusion Office Furniture supervision. If any person other than an authorised Fusion Office Furniture representative carries out any work, the warranty is deemed
  • If a product is believed to be defective, written notice of the defect must be given to Fusion Office Furniture within the Warranty Period and the product must be returned by the original Customer at its cost to Fusion Office Furniture’s headquarters at 13 Distribution Place, Seven Hills NSW for inspection by Fusion Office Furniture UNLESS otherwise noted in a purchase contract with the
  • Fusion Office Furniture undertakes to repair or replace (at its option), any component of your new workstation, storage, or furniture found to be faulty in material or workmanship within the Warranty Period. If Fusion Office Furniture’s inspection finds fault in material or workmanship, work will be carried out no
  • All freight costs involved in the return of the goods must be paid for by the Customer. A copy of the invoice evidencing the sale is to be included with the Please contact Fusion Office Furniture if you require assistance arranging the return of the goods.